June 13, 2016

Why should I learn to play guitar?

why learn guitar

One of the questions I often get asked by people thinking about learning the guitar is: why learn guitar?

Here are my top reasons why learning guitar is both great fun and good for you.

  1. A fun hobby that will last a lifetime – they often say that once you have something it can’t be taken away from you. This is true with playing the guitar. Once you’ve learnt to play you will always be able to play and make a great sound on a guitar. Even if you take a break and don’t play for years, you will find that it al comes flooding back really quickly,
  2. A great way to socialise and meet new people – once you’ve learnt to play to a reasonable level you could join a band or music group and make some great friends. Some of my best friends are from bands I played in as a teenager. And you can get this benefit whilst you’re learning, every so often we run group beginner courses for about 5 – 10 people. These are a great way to get to know a few other people and have you may even find someone to start a band with once you finish the course!
  3. Mental Health and Wellbeing benefits  – Over at Life Hack they have a great article about how playing guitar improves your wellbeing so I won’t add to this. I will however say this, playing guitar and music is a great creative outlet that lets you convey how you feel far better than words can. This very often will lead to you better understanding yourself and emotions, and therefore feeling better about yourself.
  4. UCAS Points – if you chose to complete the RGT exams with me, once you get to grade 6 you start accruing UCAS points which can help you get into top universities. In fact if you’re aiming for one of the top universities or even jobs after university, they are often looking at what extra curricular activities you have been involved in. Playing guitar or playing in a band or music group is a great one.
  5. Fine motor skills and coordination – you’ll be using your fingers extensively and matching up where you want them to go, and where they go. After you’ve been playing a while you’ll find you have increased strength in your fingers, greater dexterity and strangely a lot of people get better handwriting!
  6. Self Esteem – it’s always good to feel like you’ve accomplished something, and learning any new skill will make you feel good about yourself. The guitar is a very expressive musical instrument that lets you really put emotion into your playing and work through those busy thoughts in your head.
  7. Relieves stress – playing guitar is a great escape, even if you can only fit in twenty minutes. It’s a chance to not think about anything else and get lost in the music for a little while.
  8. Be the life and soul of any party – we all know that person, who at a party grabs the guitar and starts a sing along. You can be that person.
  9. It’s also just great fun

So there’s my top reasons in response to the question: why learn guitar? If you’re thinking about learning and want a helping hand, check out our Guitar Lessons in Exeter page.


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