Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Learning guitar in Exeter

Here are our most frequently asked questions about learning guitar in Exeter with Dan.

Where do you teach lessons?

Most lessons are taught in Dan’s home in Exeter. Dan is also able to travel to you for lessons, however depending on how far away you are he may need to charge extra for the travel time and expenses.

Do you teach adults?

Yes. Adults are welcome to come to Dan for individual or group guitar lessons.

Does it matter if I’ve never held a guitar before?

Absolutely not. Everyone holds a guitar for the first time and doing so with a good guitar teacher in Exeter can mean you learn quicker as you’re less likely to pick up bad habits as you go along.

Do I need to have my own guitar for lessons?

If you don’t already own a guitar, you are welcome to use one of my spare ones during lessons. However, you will improve more quickly with one at home you can practice on, so Dan will help you to choose your first one fairly early on.

How old does my child need to be to start lessons?

There are no hard and fast rules with this one it really depends on your child. Generally most children from age 5 upwards can physically manage a smaller scale guitar. More information can be found on our guitar lessons for children page. If you’re still in doubt please contact Dan to discuss your child’s needs.

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