Guitar Lessons for Children in Exeter

guitar lessons for children

Dan is happy to provide guitar lessons for children of all ages in Exeter and nearby. In Dan experience children are able to learn guitar more easily than adults. Children also have the advantage that they have longer to master the guitar and enjoy the benefits of playing any musical instrument. Playing guitar for children will help to increase their fine motor skills, dexterity, posture, self esteem, and much more.

All of Dan lessons are tailored to the student, but as a parent or guardian your input is incredibly valuable for them as well, so Andy will maintain regular communication with you. You are also welcome to sit in on lessons and observe what and how Dan teaches your child.

There is no real age limit for guitar lessons for children, it really depends on the individual child. Very young children (pre primary school) are unlikely to have big enough hands to play the guitar and make quick enough progress to keep interested. However at around age 5 and above smaller scale guitars become manageable for most children. If you’re unsure if your child would be able to manage to play a guitar, please contact Dan who will be more than happy to advise, and if appropriate can arrange for your child to try out a guitar, either with him or at a local music store.

Guitar lessons for children: Pricing

Dan recommends 30 minute guitar lessons for children, as children may often find a longer session too difficult to stay focused for, or they may find that their hands get too sore!

30 minute lessons cost £13 per lesson, however if you book in bulk discounts can be arranged.

Another great option is to consider group guitar lessons for children, either for siblings or a group of friends. 30 minute lessons would cost £8 per student for groups of between 2 and 5. For more information about group lessons have a look at the group guitar lessons page.

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